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January Favorites- The Month that Lasted a Decade

January was a bit dreary and a bit sleepy, I started the new year with a serious case of the flu and it was rough sailing from there! There was bright spots though, when the sea calmed, and being on... Continue Reading →


Sorry Alex can’t come to her blog right now…Why?

She's just really busy... Sorry for the T-swift reference, but I love me some memes. I guess it's time for a life update and some excuses. Although I am pretty sure nobody is reading this and I know I don't... Continue Reading →

The Pixel Forest

I try to make a trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts once a year and when I heard of their new exhibition, Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest and Worry Will Vanish, I knew I had to see it. I... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Watching

Glow- I was nether excited nor disinterested in this show. I kept seeing the trailer every time and turned on Netflix and I am a fan of Allison Brie, and by fan I mean I am in love with her. So,... Continue Reading →

Knowing Your Limits

I honestly just can't help myself sometimes. I like to proudly state that I know my limitations that I know when to stop and I know how much my body can handle. Then I go and do something ridiculous like... Continue Reading →

Summer Lookbook

Summer is here and I guess I am going to have to accept it... but I REALLY HATE  summer HATE IT. I hate being hot. I hate bugs. I hate the sun. I hate humidity and so far this Texas heat... Continue Reading →

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Check it Out- Youtube!!

One of my favorite things to do is fall down the rabbit hole of youtube. Some times I find myself watching the most random things, but this has led me to find some really great content creators.  Here are some... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Watching

Master of None (season 2)- I was a bit reluctant to begin watching the second season of this Netflix original, since I attribute season one to the demise of one of my long term relationships. But my anxieties were instantly... Continue Reading →

Ages 3 and Up- San Antonio

If you have met me or have talked to me at all my love for drag race is probably pretty obvious. I love drag. I love watching TV shows about drag and one of my favorite queens from Ru Paul's... Continue Reading →

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