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Travel Wishlist

I recently made a trip to LA, and boy have I been bitten by the travel bug. I want to go places, I want to see things! Growing up my family and I didn't have the privilege of being able... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Watching- La La Land, Live by Night, Assassin’s Creed

This weekend was spent binging some choice movies from my closest redbox location. Since it was Mother's Day weekend I broke my standing rule of not letting my mother pick the movie we watch by renting Assassin's Creed... and if... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Watching-Legion

I instantly became excited by this show ever since I saw the first round of teaser trailers, but sadly I haven't had the chance to see it until a couple of weeks ago. I am a moderate fan of the X-men.... Continue Reading →

Netflix Finds of the Week

Katherine Ryan In Trouble- Remember a couple of years ago when people were arguing about how a funny woman was about as rare as a Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Which was a really dumb argument considering how there are... Continue Reading →

I’ve got Butterflies…Killer Butterflies

I’ve got this fluttering feeling in my stomach. The kind that I often heard people describe when talking about love, but it doesn’t feel like that. It feels terrifying because it hasn’t gone away over the past couple of days.... Continue Reading →

Netflix Finds of the Week

Sometimes the vast library of titles available on Netflix can be a bit daunting. I know I have been there, spending hours searching for something to watch before settling on Parks and Recreation for the one hundredth time. Here are some... Continue Reading →

But have you tried breathing?

Navigating the world of  unsolicited advice.   Do you think it’s human nature to be right?? That every war ever fought and every anonymous internet argument comes down to the same basic instinct, that my opinion is right and yours... Continue Reading →

Call Out Post-Myself

It's been a long time! HA It isn't really something I should be laughing about, if anything I should be embarrassed and a little ashamed. I wanted to commit to this, I wanted to be consistent and post at least... Continue Reading →

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