You may have heard about the new subscriptions service, Movie Pass, from family and friends and you may be wondering if it’s worth it.

It is.

I love going to the movies and I hope to some day see every movie ever made. Movie Pass is going to help me achieve this dream.

For just $9.95 a month I can see a different movie everyday!! EVERYDAY!

Now there are some stipulations, like you can’t see the same movie twice and not all movie times are available, like you can’t see an IMAx showing. There are a limited number of theaters that accept Movie Pass, but you can easily check that before signing up through their website.

Here’s how it works!

You sign up via their website and they send you a debit card. You have to wait like maybe two weeks for it to come in the mail, then you sync it up with the app and get started!

The app is super easy to use and they have recently added features to make it better. Months ago some friends and I ran into some issues when we went to go see Shape of Water. The movie theater wasn’t able to run our cards and we were unable to check into any other movie. I was able to get in contact with customer service through the app, my friends were not. Now you can cancel a reservation without having to message customer service through the app.

You have to check into the movie before purchasing a ticket and they are going to add a feature where you have to submit a photo of your ticket stub before you are able to see another movie. This new feature is their way of battling fraud, at least that’s what the email said.

I love Movie Pass, as someone who goes to the movies A LOT and also sneaks in her own snacks. It’s a great investment!

If you love Movies and are on the fence you should check it out!

Here are some mini reviews of the movies I have seen via Movie Pass!

  1. Proud Mary- I really wanted to like this movie I really did, but it was so bad. It was borderline insulting to the amazing actors in it and to the main female character. The final action sequence did feature the song Proud Mary and it could have saved the film, but was ultimately lackluster.
  2. Shape of Water- I was really excited to see this film and I was not disappointed. I liked the aesthetic and the grimy whimsy. I was not mad it won Best Picture, but let’s be real it should have been Get Out.
  3. Black Panther- Definitely top two of my favorite films I have seen with my Movie Pass! I loved everything about it. Micheal B. Jordan can get it, everyone in this movie can get it. One of my favorite Marvel Films to date.
  4. Thoroughbreds- This movie had a lot of buildup that led nowhere. I was really intrigued by the trailer and  I was hoping to get something like Heathers, but it was just kind of bland. I am little sad that it is one of Anton Yelchin’s last roles.
  5. Annihilation- I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! A sci-fi film with a predominately female cast, SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. It was thrilling, interesting, and so well acted. Tessa Thompson!! Natalie Portman!! GINA RODRIGUEZ!!! It gave me some strong Alien vibes and I loved it.
  6. Ready Player One- One of my least favorite movies I have seen. Once you strip it of the pop culture references it has a bare bones plot with subpar character development and a pretty poor love story shoehorned in. The part with the Gundam was cool though.
  7. Love, Simon- After watching this movie I immediately wanted to watch it again. It made me feel good, it was fun and cute. I think I may have cried? I don’t remember, it made my little queer heart happy though.
  8. Isle of Dogs- I mostly enjoy Wes Anderson Films and I would have enjoyed this one a lot more if it wasn’t for the shallow representation of Japanese culture. The choice to have this movie take place in a fictional city in Japan is purely an artistic one and it is obvious. All the Japanese characters speak in Japanese and are not subtitled. All of the dogs have American names. The white character with an afro (??) is the only human that speaks english (besides the translators) and they corner her into this pretty obvious white savior role. I wanted to enjoy this film and I did enjoyed some of it, but Wes Anderson’s blatant disregard for the very valid criticisms left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. A Quiet Place-  John Krasinski’s directorial debut doesn’t disappoint. More of a thriller then a scary movie, though I do remember jumping at one scene. This movie builds tension like no other. Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds are amazing. The final scene is probably one of my favorite things of the whole year.
  10. Avengers Infinity War- Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good. I was not emotionally prepared for this movie. People died that I didn’t expect and I know some are coming back, but I think we are going to lose some of the original cast of Avengers in part 2. Marvel has been building to this moment for ten years and they didn’t hold anything back. I liked it a lot, it did make me really sad though.

This was not in anyway sponsored by Movie Pass! But if someone could let them know I am available I would appreciate it!