and other coping mechanisms.


Sometimes it is hard to be a person! Surprise, surprise, surprise they don’t teach you that in school. It’s been a weird two months and after the high that was Drag Con I am looking for another reason to continue existing. I know that sounds extreme, maybe I should say I am looking for stuff to look forward too…and I actually have some!!!

I will be seeing Trixie Mattel in her new show Moving Parts! I will also be attending the Dan and Phil show Interactive Introverts.

I forgot about those for a second, sometimes the fog of whatever stress or anxieties are looming over you, you can forget what good is happening!

I hate summer!¬†Especially living in this swamp town called Houston. After spending time in California which was a cool 60 EVERYDAY I WAS THERE. It’s hard to remember why I even bother, but my family is here so….

I am trying this new thing this week. I will be writing every day this week in an attempt to gain some sort of attention or maybe I don’t know a job???

While you are waiting for my next post in happy anticipation you should watch Spider-Man Homecoming and follow my Tom Holland appreciation blog.

Just kidding I don’t have a Tom Holland appreciation blog that would be insane. I am a 25 year old woman….

Unless you would be into that??

tom holland hearts

Have a nice one! or terrible one whatever works for you!