January was a bit dreary and a bit sleepy, I started the new year with a serious case of the flu and it was rough sailing from there! There was bright spots though, when the sea calmed, and being on a boat didn’t seem so scary.

Here are my January favorites

Movie Pass– When I first heard about this subscription service it seemed fake and I didn’t believe it, but as a movie fanatic and overall lover of pop culture it is one of the best things I have ever purchased. At $9.95 a month it really pays for itself. I have already seen Proud Mary and Shape of Water, one of those was definitely worth the investment and the other was well, a movie. I hope more theaters choose to participate because I want to see every movie ever made. Does anybody want to go see Ladybird with me?

My Favorite Murder– I was a little late to the podcast game, so I feel like I am trailing behind all the other well versed millennials. I love listening to NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour (I disagree with all their criticisms on Shape of Water) and of course I listen to What’s the Tee and This American Life, but I wanted something different. I have always been a true crime fanatic and one day at work I just looked at the browse section and saw My Favorite Murder. I gave the first episode a listen and I have been hooked ever since. The hosts Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark remind me of the cool older sisters I wish I had. It feels like being at a sleepover and your all huddled around telling scary stories, except the stories are real and humanity is scary.

All Stars 3– In the depths of a harsh winter when the sun disappears behind thick gray clouds it becomes hard to remember the feeling of the sun, the feeling of warmth, and with that warmth, the feeling of possibility, of hope. All Stars 3 gave me life, shined on me like a summer sun and that sun has a name and it is Trixie Mattel. I have never been quiet about my love of drag and of course Ru Paul’s Drag Race. All Starts 3 does not disappoint. I came into this season without any spoilers, because I stopped visiting the subreddit and it has made this viewing experience a lot more enjoyable. You can probably guess who I hope takes the crown. Who is your pick?

January was an okay beginning, and I can’t predict what the rest of the year is going to be like….

I guess this should be the point where I say something inspirational, but like… that’s all I got.

How about stay sexy and don’t get murdered.