She’s just really busy…

Sorry for the T-swift reference, but I love me some memes.

I guess it’s time for a life update and some excuses. Although I am pretty sure nobody is reading this and I know I don’t have fans clamoring for updates, BUT I do have like 100 followers on Instagram. So, I am gonna give you an update anyway before I get back to fashion posts and crying about 30 Rock leaving Netflix. (Yeah I know it’s on hulu but I still wrote a heartfelt letter that I hope somehow gets me a meeting with Tina Fey or at least Jack McBrayer.)

I started a new job recently and I love it. I found a workplace that not only accepts my disability, but is also really nice about it. My boss is always asking how I am feeling and acknowledging my needs or limits and its amazing. I have never felt such strong loyalty to a job before. It’s a small business and I get to see and work with some amazing women on a daily basis. Also I get to wear whatever I want which is also really cool.

I feel crystallized, refreshed, somewhat fulfilled, and happy.

I have always had a great support system of family and friends and it feels like I am less of a weight on them now.

My hip still bothers me and it always will, and I still resent it and yell at it, but now it’s like well at least I have a paycheck.

I hope you are having a good day/ week/ month and if you’re not as silly and cliche as it sounds it’ll get better, because you gotta trip and stumble a bit before you get your feet firmly planted…or something like that.

Also go listen to the This American Life podcast, it’ll make you a better person.