Glow- I was nether excited nor disinterested in this show. I kept seeing the trailer every time and turned on Netflix and I am a fan of Allison Brie, and by fan I mean I am in love with her. So, I took a shot on it or more like the show took a shot on me? I love this show, loved it. Enjoyed the fuck out of this show. I loved all of the characters it was a great ensemble cast.  Every character I loved. (Except Mark, but I don’t think you are supposed to like Mark.) It’s sort of  like A League of Their Own, with Mark Maron somehow being a bigger asshole then Tom Hanks. All the women were unique and interesting. Each one bringing great performances and it was amazing to see a sisterhood form. Glow has a diverse cast and it’s flow between comedy and drama is very natural. The settings and clothing all feel very authentic.

Baby Driver– One of my favorite cinematic experiences this year. I saw it twice opening weekend and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Edgar Wright wrote and directed this film and like a lot of his other films it’s fucking brilliant. It’s funny and the editing is phenomenal. The soundtrack is expertly weaved into the story. The music is such an integral part of the movie it’s practically a main character. I had some reservations about the main lead Ansel Elgort considering the only thing I have seen him in were those lame Divergent movies. I was really surprised with how well he carried the character and I thought he had great chemistry with Lily James. Keven Spacy, Jon Hamm, and Jaime Fox brought it and I loved Eiza Gonzalez as Darling. I am now on the hunt for some gold hoops and a pastel pink coat. It was a great film and I would even see it a third time. The action is non stop and the action sequences are impeccable. Every scene is so well crafted I am sure to have at least missed something and I look forward to finding out more Baby Driver secrets after every rewatch.

Logan– I am huge superhero fan, but if I am being honest I have never really been a fan of Wolverine. I used to watch the X-men cartoons when I was younger and I was more of a fan of the ensemble then anything. I heard Logan was good and I was interested in seeing a take on an older superhero. I loved Logan and was hooked from the first bloody opening scene. I loved every second of it. Loved the dark tone and loved the parallel between the young Laura and the brooding, decrepit Wolverine slowing facing his humanity. It was beautiful story telling and I thought the studio did a great job with telling a dark superhero movie. It succeeded in way DC hasn’t really been able too. The action was well done and gory. I also thought all of child actors were adorable and talented. It is definitely one of the best superhero movies ever made and I am glad I watched it.

Riverdale– I thought I was going to hate this show. It has been a while since I was able to actually stomach a show about high schoolers, but somehow Riverdale sunk it’s claws into me and I am dying. I don’t hate how much I loved this show, but I do find myself kind of resenting it. It’s an interesting take on the Archie Comics’ characters, it’s sort of like Scooby-Doo with a bunch of meddling kids trying to solve a mystery that they really have no business solving. I liked all the characters and enjoy how the show didn’t make Veronica vs. Betty a part of the show. Also the romance aspects of the show aren’t to nauseating and it lacks an overabundance of sex scenes that usually accompany a show about teens. My favorite thing about Riverdale has to be inclusion of Josie and the Pussycats. I used to love that cartoon as a kid and I have my fingers crossed for some sort of Sabrina the Teenage Witch Crossover. My favorite character has to be Jughead and I think Cole Sprouse has the best acting chops in the show. It can get a little cringy at times, but it’s a solid show and I love the fashion. I am really excited for the second season and I am already planning my Riverdale Lookbook.