One of my favorite things to do is fall down the rabbit hole of youtube. Some times I find myself watching the most random things, but this has led me to find some really great content creators.  Here are some of my favorites!

Ozzy Man Reviews– Now that the Game of Thrones premier is getting closer and closer you are going to want to subscribe to Ozzy Man Reviews. I will watch his reviews about anything and everything, but I especially love his GoT reviews, they are so funny and always spot on. He always finds a way to articulate my thoughts on the show in a way that I sometimes I am unable to. I know that sounded weird, but it’s sort of true. He is the Australian voice you want to hear narrating anything and everything.

Annika Victoria– If you have any interest in DIY or sewing this is the channel for you. Annika makes helpful and simple tutorials on creating your own pieces from scratch or even taking garments you can find at a thrift store and revamping them. Her voice is very calming and I love that she isn’t afraid to show her mistakes when they happen. Every project she does, no matter how extravagant or advance, seems doable even to a novice.

Cherry Dollface– My favorite person to watch when it comes to pinup fashion and hair tutorials. Her tutorials are simple and can be easily done. She also does makeup looks. When I was first getting into makeup she taught me more then my tomboy mother could and for that I am eternally grateful.

THE MILK CLUB– When I need some fashion inspiration I will watch one of Sofie’s videos. Her lookbooks are always very well edited and the music is so moody. She is practically the personification of a tumblr A E S T H E T I C. Very dreamy and cute. She also is vegan and features a lot of snacks and recipes in her vlogs.