Master of None (season 2)– I was a bit reluctant to begin watching the second season of this Netflix original, since I attribute season one to the demise of one of my long term relationships. But my anxieties were instantly dismissed after the first thirty seconds. Masters of None is one of the best shows I have ever seen period. End of Story. The music is amazing. The cinematography is amazing. The writing is amazing. I love this show. I love the characters and the stories. Aziz Ansari brings such a wholesome realness to the show. All the friendships seem real and so do all of the relationships. It’s just a big filling slice of life.

Playing House (season 3)– This is honestly one of the best feel good comedies on television today. My mother got me into this show a couple of years ago and I gotta admit I am truly thankful. I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on this show. I don’t hear too much about it, but there seems to be a very enthusiastic fan base online. It’s a pretty short show with only twenty six episodes total that will definitely leave you wanting more. I know I do. It’s so fun and it has some really funny people in it too, including Keegan-Micheal Key and Zach Woods and of course the staring ladies Leena Parham and Jessica St. Clair. I feel oddly blessed that this show exists and it’s so worth a watch. Plus the third season has some pretty stellar guest stars, or should I say queens??

Wonder Woman– Are you ready to read the millionth five star review of Wonder Woman?? Because I loved it, I have seen it twice and let me tell you both times the theater was packed and humid but I still got chills when I watched those Amazons fight on the beach. I teared up when I say Themyscira and I cried when I got my hands on the special edition Wonder Woman Entertainment Weekly. I am just so glad that there is a whole generation of girls that get to grow up with a so well received female superhero movie. Gal Gadot nailed it. Chris Pine nailed it. DC finally nailed it and I think its all thanks to the director Patty Jenkins, who waited ten years to direct this film and the love and dedication she has for the character really shows. I have always loved the character Wonder Woman and it makes me so happy that I can say this film was great. I have high hopes for the upcoming Justice League film, so fingers crossed.