If you have met me or have talked to me at all my love for drag race is probably pretty obvious. I love drag. I love watching TV shows about drag and one of my favorite queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race is legend, icon, and star Trixie Mattel. When I heard she was going to be making a stop in Texas, I knew I had to see her.

So, I got tickets to her show Ages 3 and Up and took the three hour drive with my family and my gal pal Ana to San Antonio. I haven’t been there in years. I can’t even remember the last time I remembered the Alamo. We were only going to be there a day, so we didn’t do much sight seeing, but we did take a walk along the riverwalk. We stayed at the Sheraton Gunter, which was amazing! It’s a pet friendly hotel and my dog felt very comfortable there and honestly they had some of the best sheets I have ever slept on. I might call and ask what brand they are, I could be on the phone with them right now…

I am from Houston, so I am pretty familiar with Texas weather, but that Monday we were there was a whole other ball game. It was hot. HOT. I hate heat, anything over 70 degrees is against my religion. Just stay away from Texas during the summer. Trust me. The weather did lead to some pretty nice photos though.

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The Aztec Theater is probably one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been in, but has some of the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever had the privilege of sitting in. We had floor seats, and the chairs they had were just awful. They were so bad I was unable to compare them to anything else I have ever sat on. Ana compared them to chairs you would find at a taqueria, but I think that’s insulting to every taqueria I have ever been in. I am still struggling trying to find something tangible to compare them to…maybe like chairs you sit in when you graduate?? I don’t know, they were just bad and not something you want to sit in for two minutes let alone two hours.

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Girls being girls and an outfit change

The performance kicked off with an opening act of local queens. I love drag shows and I haven’t been to one in a hot minute, so I was really excited to see them. They were all great! (I feel terrible that I can’t remember any of their names).

Trixie was phenomenal. She did it all; comedy, dancing, singing. It was truly a one woman show. She was worth every penny and I am so glad I got to see her. I love her mix of traditional comedy and startling drag makeup. I enjoyed listening to her original music and her costumes were just beautiful! I love the pink over exaggerated vintage Barbie aesthetic.  If you are a fan I would highly suggest checking her out if she going to make an appearance in a city near you. I thought the show was definitely worth the drive and the money!


Also check out her album on itunes! And don’t forget to support your local queens!~