I love a good comic book flick and you know more often then not Marvel has a habit of delivering. They really hit their stride with the first Guardians, it has been one of my favorite Marvel films and the soundtrack is pretty amazing. It’s also they only thing I can stand to watch Bradley Cooper in. I was excited to see the second one, but my hate for crowds stopped me from seeing it opening weekend.

Vol. 2 was good, I really liked it. I loved Baby Groot and the exploration of Gamora and Neubla’s relationship. They were the most interesting part of the first first film and I am glad we got a peak into their past. I also found myself just constantly asking myself through out, did Chris Pratt get hotter? Did they use some sort of CGI? Why is he so attractive?? I thought the plot may have been a little formulaic, but hey it works right? I enjoyed the film overall, but it certainly wasn’t groundbreaking. It was just good. It was a fun time at the movies and sometimes that’s really all you need.

If you are fan of the series I would definitely watch it. I think it has some good world building that will be great for the crossovers that will be happening soon.

Also why wouldn’t you want to look at Chris Pratt or Zoe Saldana for like two hours.