I recently made a trip to LA, and boy have I been bitten by the travel bug. I want to go places, I want to see things! Growing up my family and I didn’t have the privilege of being able to travel. We only left the state of Texas twice and both times we went to Orlando, but now it looks like now I am might be given more opportunities to travel and after some thought here are my top three cities I want to visit.

Boston– I acknowledge that my reasons for wanting to visit Boston are silly…and definitely a little weird. I have always had this fascination with the Boston Red Sox, despite my pretty vocal disdain for sports. It started when I watched the 30 for 30, Four Nights in October, about their epic comeback win against the New York Yankees in 2004. I love the passion the Sox fans have for not only their team, but also their city. I am also pretty ashamed to admit how much Fallout 4 has also influenced this travel decision. It’s one of my favorite games despite the criticisms most fans give it. I wanna see the real live inspiration for the game. I love history and the fact that the City of Boston is one of the oldest cities in America is so cool! I hope that one day I can see the city for myself and take the historic walk along the Freedom Trail and maybe have a seat at Fenway Park.

New York City– I know how basic can I get? I have always dreamed of going to New York, but I am not sure where this dream came from or what sparked it, it just has always been sort of ingrained in my psyche. That sort of dream can be hard to live up to and honestly I am sure New York is as amazing as I have probably imagined it, but…what if it is? I mean The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, Central Park, BROADWAY??

Miami– I have a deep fondness for the beach, but can you believe I have never seen blue water? I live about an hour away from Galveston and make a trip there at least once a year, so I feel like I can say this…the water is ugly. It’s not dirty, at least from what I have been told the unappealing color has something to do with the kind of sand. That could be totally wrong, but hey I am not going to fact check it and ruin my sense of security. I wanna see a blue water and white sands! I wanna take a Burn Notice location tour…I am positive that doesn’t exist, but I am secretly praying it does! Plus one of America’s greatest sitcoms takes place there, The Golden Girls, and I can assure you that I will be singing Dorthy and Rose’s Miami song the whole time I am there.