This weekend was spent binging some choice movies from my closest redbox location. Since it was Mother’s Day weekend I broke my standing rule of not letting my mother pick the movie we watch by renting Assassin’s Creed… and if I am being honest I really enjoyed the vindication. My rules still stands, she isn’t allowed to pick the movie (Exceptions: Her birthday and Mother’s day, obviously)

Assassin’s Creed– What can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? Nothing, because now that I think about it was anybody actually talking about this movie? They had the perfect chance to fix the biggest mistake the games made, and give us a story fully about the Assassins. Why did they find it necessary to even include a modern story at all?? Especially considering the fact that it was terrible. It was bad. BAD. I am not sure who to blame? Maybe society? It’s the folly of man that this movie was even pitched and I just feel bad for everyone involved, except for Micheal Fassbender.

La La Land– Now I did enjoy this film, I loved the visuals, the dancing was adorable, the music was memorable, but the story did leave me rolling my eyes at the end. I get where they were going with it. They were trying to capture some of those old Hollywood romance movies with the bitter endings like Roman Holiday or An Affair to Remember. They wanted their whimsical story to have a “real life” ending. I just think their execution fell a bit flat. It felt manufactured to me and not very genuine. I really liked Ryan Gosling in it, but I enjoy Gosling in like 99% of everything he is in. I thought Emma Stone was good too, but compared to Natalie Portman’s performance in Jackie I felt her best actress win was a bit undeserving. Overall it was an enjoyable film, and one that I would recommend.

Live by Night– I thought this movie was a lot better then what critics painted it to be. Sure it might be Affleck’s weakest directorial, but it was still pretty good. Then again I am extremely biased because I do love me some Ben Affleck and mob films and period pieces. The clothing and costumes were amazing and left me lusting for a flapper dress and a fur stole. The cinematography was also very visually appealing. The story toyed with some very familiar themes, but I don’t think it was too predictable to not be enjoyable. The acting was great and yeah there was a scene that made me a little uncomfortable, but the big climatic gang shoot out made me forget about it. I think it is definitely worth a watch.