Netflix Finds of theWeek

Katherine Ryan In Trouble- Remember a couple of years ago when people were arguing about how a funny woman was about as rare as a Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Which was a really dumb argument considering how there are funny women and unfunny women just like there are funny men and Dane Cook. I think about that every time I watch a female comedian and I think about all the stupid stuff she probably had to put up with to get there. Katherine Ryan is a funny woman. A growing staple in the British panel show world, she brings to the stage the sort of edgy white girl comedy Amy Schumer wish she could. Ryan’s quick wit is a fresh of breath air and she is just a joy to watch.

The Great British Baking Show– I don’t understand why they changed the name from Bake Off to Baking Show, but this is honestly my favorite competition based cooking show. It has a calm and friendly manner that a lot of American cooking shows do not. I remember watching this when there was some really bad weather and there were tornado warnings. I was terrified and huddled in the bathroom with a blanket wrapped around me watching this show. It was very helpful. Every contestant is there simply for the love of baking and Mary Berry is a universal treasure.

Cristela Alonzo Lower Classy– Here is another woman you can add to your “Women Are Funny” List next time you get into an argument with some dude on reddit. Cristela brings a familiar latin flair to the stage. She reminds me of an aunt I do not actually have, and Lower Classy happens to be one of the most relatable comedy specials I have ever seen. If you grew up in a Latino household Cristela will speak to you. My mother liked it and she doesn’t like anything!