Sometimes the vast library of titles available on Netflix can be a bit daunting. I know I have been there, spending hours searching for something to watch before settling on Parks and Recreation for the one hundredth time. Here are some fun weekend recs to help ease some of the stress!

Paris is Burning– If you happen to be fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race or just interested in good human interest stories this is the documentary for you. An insightful look into the 1980s Ball Scene, starring numerous legendary New York drag queens this documentary highlights the many struggles the LGBT community faced and still face, it is shockingly relevant and humbling. Take an hour to educate yourself.

John Mulaney The Comeback Kid– One of my favorite comedy specials available on Netflix. John Mulaney brings a boyish charm to the stage and also the laughs. He is the unassuming white guy of your dreams, he’s not gonna hurt you. Look at him!

Grace and Frankie  This show isn’t talked about enough in my humble opinion and has to be one of Netflix’s most consistent shows in terms of quality. You can have your Daredevils and your Jessica Jones’, I am gonna cozy up with a cup of tea and watch Grace and Frankie. It has a lot of rewatching potential and stars the stunning Jane Fonda and the hilarious Llily Tomlin. A tale of two very different women coming together to try and make sense of life. This dramedy is sure to reel you in.

One Punch Man– I know what you are thinking…really Alex an anime? Yeah I know, but it’s not what you would expect. One Punch Man is one of those rare animes that appeals to people who just generally don’t like anime. I say give it a shot, it’s humor is very self aware and the animated fights are just a work of art. Don’t let those weebs you used to know in high school scare you away from this gem.