In the second installment of Pawing Around Town we review Southwell’s Hamburger Grill (The Sawyer Heights Village location). We just happened to be in the area, looking for a harness for Lily and the smell was really inviting, so we decided to check it out.

Their menu consists of the typical burger joint fare. They have a big variety of burgers (with a veggie patty option available!), fries and shakes. Their menu also includes a small salad section and a hot sandwich section, which has listed a chili dog, a grilled cheese and what they call a “grilled ham and cheese”, but that would actually be considered a melt, but I digress. They have seasoned waffle fries, fresh hand cut fries, and even sweet potato fries.

This is a Fast-Casual restaurant, so you have to order at the counter then sit down and your food is brought to you. Now if you are like me and brought your pooch with you, you either have to tie them to your table outside or have whoever your eating with order for you. They have plenty of seating outside. Seven tables and two picnic tables. There is a small gated area near the picnic tables (though there isn’t any doors) That you can walk your dog around, if you so wish.

The restaurant is located in a shopping center with a Target across the way and a Petsmart right next door. So, it’s quite busy and can get a little noisy.

The food was okay, it took about 20 minutes to get our food and we all agreed our burgers were on the dry side.  I got a bacon cheese burger and the bacon was overcooked to a crisp, which some people might enjoy, but I don’t. The waffle fries were really good, as were the onion rings. The staff was very polite and the prices are affordable. The inside had a sort of vintage flare and was pretty cute.

Overall Lily and I give them 3 out 5 paws, I would probably go back if I am in the area and my dog is with me. The staff was nice enough and I appreciate good french fries. Though if I am ever craving a burger and have my dog with me, I might as well head to Champs (they have the best burger in town! At least in my humble opinion.) Though they have weird hours, but they are worth looking into, you can thank me later!