Has your body turned against you? Have you been feeling fatigue? Headaches? Cramps?

Well I have just the thing to help, whether you are experiencing a stuffy nose or the tear inducing joys of being a woman, here are some movie choices to help soothe your pain. 

***Guaranteed to help improve your mood***(if you have taste that is)

  1. Hot Fuzz– The second installment in the critically acclaimed Cornetto Trilogy, directed by Edgar Wright and starring my favorite British duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this action comedy is sure to satisfy your overwhelming craving for violence as your uterine lining sheds and you are filled with an unquenchable rage. This movie perfectly blends comedy, mystery, action, and gore and the budding friendship between Pegg and Frost will make you fill warm and fuzzy in between bouts of laughter. One of my favorite films of all time that’s riddled with various pop culture references that will continue to surprise you after every rewatch.
  2. Pride and Prejudice– Now that your bloodlust has settled and your anger has faded and you are left with the overwhelming feeling of nothingness, Pride and Prejudice is the visually stunning adaptation to make you feel. Directed by Joe Wright, who is known for making visually stunning movies this is by far my favorite adaptation of the novel. This movie hosts a star studded cast that includes Kiera Knightly as the strong willed Elizabeth Bennet, that chick from Gone Girl, and that evil dictator from the Hunger Games movies. Pride and Prejudice is sure to make you feel vastly disappointed in all aspects of your love life, but like in a good way.
  3. Moonrise Kingdom– Want some quirkiness added into your life, but are just not ready to make the plunge into getting Zoey Deschanel bangs? Put down those clippers because this next movie on this list is sure to satisfy that need. Moonrise Kingdom is the movie just weird and off beat enough to get your mind off your crippling cramps. Directed by the one and only Wes Anderson (a Houston native by the way!) it is sure to make your heart soar, but also leave you scratching your head. With appearances by Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman this movie is just going to wrap you up in it’s delightful world like a warm blanket.
  4. Clueless– Now that you have got your fill of quirk, let’s take a step back into the real world or at least how you wish the real world was. This 90s classic is the romantic comedy this country needs right now. But is it the one we deserve? Starring Alicia Silverstone and the adorkable Paul Rudd, this movie is the perfect pick me up after your last breakdown.
  5. Legally Blonde– Legally Blonde is the perfect end to this movie marathon. If you are in need for some feminine motivation this early 2000s classic is sure to deliver. Starring one of America’s sweethearts, Reese Witherspoon and the Wilson brother with dark hair. Legally Blonde is the comedy you need to take on the rest of your week!