My family has had dogs before. I remember my first one. It was a Golden Retriever mix and I named her Santa, because it was around Christmas time and I was five. It made a lot of sense at the time. Our dog Santa ended up having two puppies and I was so excited, they were beautiful, but we didn’t have them around for long. Someone forced our fence open and took them.

We didn’t really get another pet after that because my little brother was born and he had a lot of health problems when he was a child.

Last year I was struggling with a lot of things both mentally and physically. My disability was and still is an obstacle for me. It causes me a great deal of anxiety and causes me to go through bouts of depression. I would get really down and retreat into myself. Losing interest in things that I usually enjoyed doing. I found myself spending a lot of time with my friends. They have three dogs that I love to be around. They would get so excited to see me and would sit next to me whenever I went over to watch movies. I have always had a love for animals and expressed interest in getting a dog. My parents always seemed pretty against the idea, they didn’t like the idea of an inside dog. So it was really odd when my mother said let’s go check out the SPCA. It was a rainy Saturday when I met Lily.

 Here is how she looked when I first met her, hair a matted mess and heartworm positive.


When you go into adopt a dog the SPCA suggests you spend time with animal before you make a decision. She ran right up to me and jumped on me, she didn’t make one sound just looked up at me and licked my hand. That was it. She seemed so gentle and sweet I knew I had to have her.

It has been such a crazy experience. So rewarding and unbelievably stressful at times. Lily has just finished her heartworm treatments and hopefully she will get the all clear in April. I love her so much and she is such a big part of our family. I feel so grateful that I get the chance to share my life with her.

Here is Lily now, she hates my DSLR

If you are thinking about getting a dog please consider adopting one from a shelter. If you plan on purchasing a dog please make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder. So many dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills with horrible living conditions. Please do your research if you are searching for a particular breed, their are so many resources available to help you purchase a dog from an ethical source.

Please feel free to share your adoption stories with me and tweet me pics of your lovely pets!