Now that’s a big question. I consider myself a very emotional person and you could say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have an incredible amount of passion, when I love something I love it. I  live it. I just fully embrace it. So, I get inspired by a lot of things because I get inspired by the things and people I love. And I love a lot of things

One of my favorite things in the world is vintage fashion. I feel so much joy when I see pictures of pinups or girls dressed like them. I love the classic silhouettes and perfectly placed curls. I love red lipstick and some good winged eyeliner. I love looking at pictures from the 40s, 50s, and 60s to get outfit ideas.

I try to implement those styles into my clothing, but it’s a lot more casual compared to some other girls on instagram. Which is great because that’s what works for me!

Where to shop??

So where do I get my fashion from?

I have pretty much given up trying to find things that I would like at the mall and brick and mortar stores. You can potentially find some good individual pieces like blouses, skirts, and pants, but then you run into the issue of whether or not that clothing is made ethically. (but that’s a whole other blog post.)I find most of my pieces online.  Here are some of my favorite online shops!

Modcloth, which has A Made in America section! They also sale a lot of vegan leather pieces. It is also one of my favorite places to buy vintage style swim suits! You can sign up and get notified of their sales.

Screenshot 2017-02-01 11.22.13.png

Unique Vintage, what I love about this site is that you can separate the clothing by decade! They also have a great selection of vintage swimsuits!

Screenshot 2017-02-01 11.23.01.png

Pinup Girl Clothing, all the pieces are made in America! The only downside of this site is that it can be pretty pricey, but I would follow them on their social media to keep an eye out for sales. Some times they do “yard sales” and cut the prices of some of their pieces up to 50%. Most of these sales take place in Burbank, CA, but recently they have started doing sales in other cities. They just had one in Houston, TX a couple of months ago. I ended up going and it was great that had sizes from XS-XXXL it was great to see some inclusive sizing at great prices.


I also love going to thrift shops and finding pieces, though that can be a bit overwhelming. Some tips for going to thrift stores is to have a game plane. Have a mental list of things you want to find. It’s also important to try to stuff on! Be picky too, don’t just get something because it’s cheap make sure you actually connect with the piece.

I love shopping and looking for vintage pieces let me know if you can recommend any other stores. You can also check out my etsy shop where I sale some great vintage finds!